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Kiersten Grant - Featured Photographer

I’m super laid back and easy to get along with.. A fun loving, loud & always laughing mother of a gypsy hearted 7 year old & wife to a smoking hot surfer dude. A bit unfiltered but fun. Honest. If there is a hair out of place or someone needs to suck it in.. I’ll tell them. I like clean, classic but vibrant images. Something that will grace your walls now and in 50 years.

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I am pretty good at fitting into any environment and making everyone feel at ease, so my pictures reflect that, rather then everyone be all uncomfortable and wonky. I love photography that is infused with vibrant colors, laid back and chill in nature, and just over flowing with personality. I love what I do, plain and simple. I love being there for moments in time that not everyone is so lucky to see.

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I’ve learned the hard way how important the photographs of your loved ones are and I believe there is never enough. The anxious nerves of a bride right before she walks down the isle or the first breath of your new baby being born into this world, or maybe even just the REAL laugh & smile of your little ones, or better yet, YOUR HUSBAND! I just love it! I have no better way to put it…

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I don’t know what it is about me but everyone I’ve ever met is instantly comfortable with me, and I guess that’s what gives me an advantage.. When I show up.. its not like the “photographer” is here, its more like your long lost bestie is here!! I will laugh with you, tickle your kids and make sure there is none of those awkward “what do i do with my hands” moments. 

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