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Kelly Alexander - Journalistic Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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My journey to becoming a professional photographer has really been the foundation for the type of photographer I’ve become.  I have a passion for the small, intimate weddings and family portraits.  I love capturing the dynamic between little close-knit groups of people.  For me, these are the photo sessions which create more than just a memory -- they create lasting and tangible feelings.

After finishing my education with a degree in photojournalism, I had to choose between a budding -career in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA or follow my heart and move across the country to San Diego, CA.  I chose to move.

Fast forward a few years, and I married that sailor who stole my heart.  We had a really small, intimate wedding in the mountains of San Diego and proceeded on moving 7 times in the 6 years to follow.  While I’ve practiced, learned and picked up a few clients wherever I was living it was with the last move to the Detroit Metro Area, my career really started talking hold.

Photography is in my blood, its more than just a hobby or a craft, I breathe it.  I love making a connection with my clients, knowing that I’m capturing some really special moments in their lives to create lasting keepsakes.  So, it’s hard for me not to fall in love with each one of my projects.   It’s not just a photograph, it’s a memory.

This wedding is one of my most favorite from this year.  It was photographed last May, in a gazebo that sits on the banks of the Detroit River in Wyandotte, Michigan.  With Canada on the other side and the Detroit city skyline in the horizon, this beautiful couple said their vows to one another.  The only thing more beautiful than the bride was the palpable love that filled the gazebo as they made their promises to one another, and I was so honored to be there to capture it.

A mid-afternoon wedding with near perfect weather and just the right amount of sunshine. I met the bride in the reception room.  She was already dressed in her gown with her daughter and her friend by her side.  I could see the anticipation in her eyes as her friend began to ohh and ahh with every click of my camera.

As a journalistic –style photographer, I love to capture the sweet moments that may otherwise go missed.  Like the gleeful expression of this groom’s face when he first laid eyes on his bride.  The hugs filled with gratitude the bride and groom gave each guest after the ceremony and the sweet photos with the couples’ parents and the bride’s daughter.

I could really feel the love in the air at this wedding, it wasn’t just two becoming one -- it was a family blending together.   With a lot of weddings I’ve worked, the coordination has been mainly done by the bride, not the case with this couple.  The groom was involved with every photography detail and he wanted me to make sure I not only caught the import parts of the ceremony and reception, but he wanted the love and family to really be represented in the photographs.

For me photography isn’t just a job, or just an art, it’s the opportunity to capture a single fleeting moment and treasure it for eternity.  I don’t just want to see an image through my viewfinder, I want to feel the moment forever and I want my clients to feel the same way.

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