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Keli White | Inspired Documentary Photography

Hello :) My name is Keli White, and I am a documentary-style photographer in Greenville, Texas.

My love for the art of photography stemmed from a passion I've always had for creating and savoring memories. I am very sentimental. Even as a child, I recognized great importance in the significant things in my life such as family heirlooms, handmade gifts, and photographs. So these days, I photograph with a purpose. To create from what is, to tell a story, and to show the beauty of being yourself. I love to capture people in their element, doing what they do. Real smiles and raw affection are what I look for while shooting.

I'm usually filling my calendar with family, child, and senior sessions, along with events and weddings that I enjoy so much! But two years ago, I was asked by a friend to shoot a birth. I had honestly never thought about that before! I shoot events all the time, but never anything as spontaneous and raw as childbirth. Layton_Print_6

Once I arrived, I introduced myself to the nursing staff and discussed hospital rules, expectations, and etiquette. They seemed to be just as excited for me to be there as I was! I walked in the room to see a mother, VERY much in labor, and her loving husband by her side. Immediately, I felt such gratitude for this couple who was allowing me into one of their most personal and private experiences of their life. Overwhelmed with joy, I got out my camera and started doing my thing.

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This opportunity opened my eyes to the real documentary experience. Nothing was staged here, there was no direction or lighting, and no one was asked to pose. I was in their world, documenting from my point of view. THIS. This is my dream. It's what gets my adrenalin going and challenges me to learn new things. I left that night with so many wonderful emotions flowing through me. That feeling is something I'll always remember. Two years and several birth sessions later, Baby Layton's journey Earth-side will forever be my favorite session.

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