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KCG Photography has been going for about 7 years now. It is my passion and I love to shoot all kinds of people, places, and things. I started off just taking pictures as a teenager of things around my neighborhood. As I got more comfortable I started asking family if I could use them as my muse. This brought me into a whole new world of photography. I never expected it to become what it is today. I am always amazed to see the progression and how much I have grown as a photographer and all the different, unique experiences I have been able to be a part of with photography.

I recently did one of my most favorite shoots of just a bride and groom in downtown Huntsville, AL right before relocating to Sarasota, FL. They had all the time in the world and they were down to do whatever because they just wanted to get awesome pictures. She really wanted to make sure the pictures were going to show her best features, which to me she has no bad features and he wanted make sure we got good pictures of them together as husband and wife because they didn't have many pictures of just them.

It is always an amazing experience to be behind the camera capturing these moments that will last a lifetime for them. It is especially beautiful to see when two people really love each other like they did. I always try to capture what I would want if I were getting married. I love taking pictures from a different perspective than usual. I love angles and playing with how to take the picture. I will crawl up high or get in the most uncomfortable positions to get the best shot and give my clients variety. It's a fun and new experience every time I put that camera to my eye. I see a whole new world behind my camera.

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