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I’m Kaylie with Kaylie Mills Photography. Today I would love to share an engagement session I did not too long ago. This photo shoot is special to me and a favorite of mine for many reasons. The main reason is that the lovely bride to be in this session is one of my dear friends. She, by the mercy of God, had a heart transplant just four years prior to this photo shoot. Now here she is healthy, strong, beautiful, and about to get married (she is married now). Her, now husband, who is patient, kind, and loves her more than himself couldn’t be more perfect for her.

It was such a beautiful day. We hiked the Wichita mountains in Oklahoma, which is a new favorite spot of mine. This place makes you feel as though you have stepped out of Oklahoma (for just a second). There was sunsets, dancing, laughing, wind, and love everything you need for a perfect photo shoot.IMG_9303Untitled-1IMG_9324Untitled-2 Untitled-3IMG_9207 IMG_9217The more I shoot the more I fall in love with the natural side of photography. I love natural light whether it’s a stunning sunset,that last bit of blue light before the sun hides away until morning, or a soft glow of window light; I love it all. I have found myself drawn to the in between moments like when a groom makes his bride laugh, or when the wind blows and someone bushes the hair from their face. You know those moments that you couldn’t recreate no matter how hard you tried? Those are the ones I cherish the most.IMG_9481 IMG_9348IMG_9407 IMG_9421 IMG_9441IMG_9459IMG_9479 IMG_9456IMG_9468IMG_9463

Ultimately I strive for my clients to get comfortable and have fun in front of my camera. When a session feels more like two people just hanging out and being in love, and I'm just there to document it, that is when I get my favorite shots. Thats exactly what this session was and it was fun.

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