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Hello Everyone, My Name is Kayla Besanson and the proud owner of Kayla Marie Photography. I started this wonderfully scary journey in 2005 when my son was born and a friend encouraged me to purchase my first camera. It was a Canon Rebel, I fell in love with my images and wanted to learn everything I could about photography and editing. I started taking classes in graphic design and began working for Life Touch doing Senior pictures and learned so much, but it just wasn't my ideal environment. After only 3 months with my camera I was offered a job with an agency of Google and dove into my career. I specialized in architectural photography and loved every minute of it, but found myself wanting to be more challenged. I left the agency and started my own business working with seniors, girls mostly, in a more relaxed environment.


I I like to have fun and joke during my shoots, while I learn about these girls. I realized very quickly that there are so many young girls who are self-conscious and did not like being in front of the camera. As a mother myself, it hurt to see these girls, who were so beautiful put themselves down. They couldn't see the beauty that I could see. So I made it my goal to show them! My favorite part of my job is to deliver my finished images, in person, so I can see their faces light up. I love to see a moms reaction when she sees her child smile and say how beautiful she looks because that is what we see as parents. One of my favorite shoots I've done so far was for a good friend of mine. Her daughter has such a beautiful heart and is gorgeous in every way. She wanted her pictures done with one of her best friends. Her horse Sonny.


As we proceeded through the shoot it was easy to see she was relaxing and starting to enjoy herself. It felt so good to see her come out of her shell. When I posted her preview on Facebook her mom called me immediately and thanked me over and over. I could hear her daughter in the background saying how beautiful she looked and it meant so much to hear the excitement in her voice.

IMG_0088IMG_0093IMG_0119IMG_0159   IMG_0240IMG_0238IMG_0274

I love that I could give her so much confidence and each time this happens it reminds me exactly why I love what I do. Its not just about me, its about giving my client something that they can always look back on, its about stopping time just for a moment and making that memory last a lifetime.


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