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Kayla Failla Photography

Hello! My name is Kayla Failla -- and yes, in case you were wondering, it rhymes :)

I'm a photographer, wife and mama living in Omaha, Nebraska, and I absolutely LOVE what I get to do everyday!

Meeting new people is kinda my jam, and I love that photography has crossed my path with so many amazing families and couples that I otherwise would have never met. Take these two for example!

5I8A0680Sephora and Jeremie are both from France (yes, FRANCE.), but they decided to get married at a Bed and Breakfast just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska to be near friends, and I absolutely love them for it. It was SUCH an incredible wedding -- filled with so much love -- and I was so lucky to have been a part of it!5I8A95745I8A96425I8A96025I8A96155I8A96185I8A96405I8A96655I8A96885I8A9691

highlights from the day:

-- meeting the father of the groom and him putting a cowboy hat on and saying "Dallas!!!" whilst giving me the thumbs up

-- Sephora walking down the aisle and everyone tearing up and then applauding (why don't we do this??)

-- all the cheek-kisses (why don't we do this either??)

-- being sent home by the father of the bride with baggies brimming full of French candies and homemade pastries and eating almost all them before arriving home...

5I8A97325I8A97435I8A97475I8A97615I8A98185I8A98285I8A98515I8A98565I8A99295I8A99425I8A95795I8A96325I8A00265I8A00105I8A00545I8A00875I8A01015I8A01865I8A02295I8A01145I8A02925I8A0304 5I8A03095I8A03115I8A03145I8A03625I8A03645I8A04265I8A0956

(a group shot of everyone at the wedding -- people came in from all over the world!)

5I8A06565I8A06165I8A07025I8A07085I8A07165I8A0720 5I8A0726 5I8A07435I8A07545I8A07615I8A07655I8A0778 5I8A0781 5I8A0804 5I8A0823 5I8A08535I8A09245I8A0960 5I8A09635I8A09775I8A09655I8A1010

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out some of my work!


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