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Katie McDowell Photography

Hello! My name is Katie McDowell and I have been a professional photographer since late 2014. I graduated from the University of Texas where I studied filmmaking and spent nearly a decade working in the film industry as a director of photography and production designer garnering awards from Slamdance Film Festival and the Student Academy Awards. About two years ago, I decided to break away from the film industry and began my journey into creating my own photography business – Katie McDowell Photography.


I most often work with musicians, living in Austin, Texas, but I also shoot family and personal portraits as well as fine-art landscape and travel prints. It is hard to pick my favorite shoot because each one is so unique!


After much debate, I decided on this recent Christmas shoot! I really enjoyed spending the morning with this beautiful family. Little Mason wasn’t exactly in the mood for a photoshoot which was a welcomed challenge. Stylistically, I prefer a more natural look, opting for natural light over artificial. I love to capture the small moments. I always make sure to grab images during the moments in between poses in an almost documentary style of shooting. These images where the subjects are able to kind of let their guard down always end up being my favorite.


In this shoot, it was crucial to keep my eye in the camera for the entire shoot to capture those little moments. I was actually leaving when Mason hopped on this little tricycle, so I hurried back and grabbed a few shots. It’s all about capturing those unexpected moments, especially when working with kids.


Since 2014, my photography style has grown and evolved but it is always based in my roots as a cinematographer. I like to emulate a more cinematic look with natural poses. I am excited to continue my professional photography career and see how my style continues to grow and evolve!

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