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Katelyn Kellie Photography-Anniversary+Maternity session in London

I couldn’t believe what I was reading: “Yes, we’d love to have you come to London to take our maternity/anniversary photos!” I don’t think I waited two minutes before I was searching for flights. I had been to London before; it’s one of my favorite cities. The fact that I was going to be flying there for a photo shoot was an absolute dream. Everything fell into place perfectly, and very quickly, and before I knew it I was on my way.

The crazy part: I was only in the city for 24 hours! I had a new baby at home that I needed to get back to, but I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I absolutely love that my job is taking photos that preserve a moment in time for couples. I am also pretty obsessed with traveling. The fact that my job allows me to combine both of those passions is surreal. I met up with the couple, and hearing them say, “We trust you” made the short trip that much more worth it. We explored some neighborhoods in Notting Hill to be sure we got photos in front of the beautiful pastel homes. We then headed to Westminster. How could we have a photo shoot in London without Big Ben in the background? The lighting could not have been better. People may think London has a lot of overcast days and possibly associate rain with this beautiful city, but I have experienced some of the most stunning sunsets while visiting London.

The entire weekend was even better than I imagined, but the best part? Sending the photos to the couple when I got home and having them say they were better than they ever dreamed, and they couldn’t wait to frame them for their son’s room. To some, flying overseas for 48 hours might have seemed a bit extreme, but I looked at it as an adventure, and one I am glad I took. The images captured during this weekend are some of my most favorite photos. Not only because they were in one of my favorite cities, but because it is so clear when I see these pictures that this couple, in addition to being adventurous, has a deep love for each other. Their excitement to begin life as parents was just as evident, and I’m so glad I had the privilege of capturing that.

Katelyn Kellie Photography

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