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I’ve always had a creative mind. If I am not working with my hands or creating something new to the world I'm not quite happy. It brings me great joy to capture pieces of life and freeze that moment in time. I like to snap the sweet, small little moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. I guess you could say that photography is my passion and I'd love to share this passion with you.

I am a photographer, based in Nova Scotia, Canada. My favourite thing to photograph  is a wedding! It is so special to be asked to photograph one of the best days of a person's life. I like to find the total honesty in a couple's story and document that. This means that I have to snap those raw, candid moments, as well as the epic moments of their romantic, emotional day. It's all very exciting!

Although all weddings are special and equally beautiful, there are a few that stand out in my mind for one reason or another. I was lucky enough to shoot a wedding last summer that I will not forget. I had known this couple through a mutual friend for a few years, though, I did not know them well. I had met with them a few times before the wedding day to get to know them a little better. I could quickly tell that they were going to be a great couple to photograph.

As a wedding photographer, I have been to a lot of weddings. Something that I often notice is that the bride and the groom get caught up in their wedding day and all of the fussy little details and forget to focus on each other. It was just the opposite for Colin and Dejah. Their love for each other was quite evident. It was the little things that made this so clear. Like how Colin kept reminding me throughout the day to get shots of his beautiful bride by herself. He couldn't stop looking at her. I could tell that he wanted to remember her, exactly like that, forever. Dejah kept her eyes on Colin, too. If she had any stress about the wedding day, she didn't show it. Her eyes shone and her smile was wide all day.

All of these little moments and gestures are a photographer's dream. It's what we live for! Couples like this, who are so honest in front of the lens, make my job a lot easier. I didn't have to guide them with any pose ideas, help coax a smile, or remind them to keep their hands on each other. It is very important to me that my clients are comfortable in front of the lens, but Colin and Dejah were more than happy to ignore the camera and enjoy their day together as newly weds.

Here are just a few shots of their perfect day. It was definitely hard to choose just 15 shots, but I believe that these photographs really capture the essence of their love story.

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