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I'm the owner of a business of four young women photographers from a variety of fields (Wedding, Real Estate/ Architecture,  Family/ Baby, and Food photography). I love being able to build relationships with our clients and as we get to know them learn what makes them unique as a couple. I love photographing weddings, and always say it's the best job in the world because, everyone you work around is literally having the best day of their lives.


I"m really excited to share the wedding of Nick and Emma with you - they are a couple that have been dating from high school and both have very strong families with great legacy of lasting marriages! Emma's family owns a landscape company and they couldn't have picked a better date for the blooming flowers and trees.

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They got ready at the reception location, Crow Creek Country Club in davenport, IA. The country club graciously put up with us and allowed us enough golf carts to take the 21 person wedding party, mothers, and photographers out on the golf course. Our obliging bride hopped into the golf kart to drive herself, and was even willing to walk over a small creek. In short time her dress was filled with grass and bugs but she didn't mind.

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I encourage and help my couples set a strict timeline, 15min increments, to their wedding day. It really allows us to ENSURE we have enough time on the day to do all the pictures they'd hoped for. It also sets the pace for a very relaxed and enjoyable day!


I love using detail images to tell the story of the wedding day and the couple (instead of just being product shots that look like a jewelry store ads). The flowering trees are a great way to showcase the season, and the grooms watch (below) shows that it is nearly time for the ceremony to begin.

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One of the things I enjoy doing the most is to paint with light. [When we were learning this technique, early on, we would go out late at night into the woods with sparklers at the John Deere world headquarters near where we live.]  I've always loved learning more about how to perfect my craft; whether it's with sparklers, lanterns, or an iPhone light painting is a really fun and aprivate moment for the bride and groom to sneak away from the hustle and bustle of their reception.

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As a wedding photographer I feel we have to understand the gravity of the importance of our jobs. We not only capture events of a day and pose people for family pictures but most importantly we need to capture the moments that draw the couple back into the emotions they felt on their wedding day.

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I love finding the little things that happen during the course of the day that would be nothing to someone passing but help to tell the story. (Below) The Bride's shoes were sitting by the front door, near the welcome sign of the reception. I do think there's a place for setting a specific pose or moving to more favorable lighting - but finding a setting like this where NOTHING had to be interrupted to make the makes me dump the four bags and light stands, ignore my aching feet as we walk out at the end of the night, and take just





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