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Josef Sullivan Photography

I’m all about the moments. I think and feel that there is so much much romance, and raw emotion that happens on a wedding day organically, that I don’t need to pose, orchestrate, or stage something throughout the day. So my approach to wedding photography is to go after the authentic moments, and the unique story of each client.   My artistic strength on the wedding day is in the capture. Some of my work may look like I posed or staged an image, but the bride just happened to be holding her bouquet, or had a subtle look on her face which emanated from behind her veil.

Why the big hoopla about “authentic,” or “non-posed” moments? It’s probably rooted in two core facts about me. For one, I’m really not into posing. There are many people who do an incredible job of it, but it’s just not my thing. Although, if a client was a model and just loved being, and posing, in front of the camera and that’s who they were at heart, then I supposed I would just capture them posing < insert my smile here. > Second, I don’t have any wedding pictures. That’s a story for another time, but suffice it to say that it’s the moments in my memory, and thank God on a video cassette tape that I hold fast to. It’s the authentic moments throughout our ten years of marriage, and the unique story of and with my two sons that I imagine will be more weighty in the future years when I take a break to look back. I want to give that type of weight and substance to my clients.

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  • Josef Sullivan

    Just wanted to stop in and thank you all very much for making me a featured photographer on your site. I consider it an honor. I wish you all success in your endeavors! Again, thank you!

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