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I am first of all excited to be featured here as a Basic Invite photographer. My work began about 5 years ago when like so many, I bought a DSLR camera to document my life and good times with friends adventuring. I quickly found out just how much I loved taking photos and in the beginning of January 2015, I took it to the next level and started by business officially. It was then that I really started pushing myself to new limits. I love so many kinds of photography, that to narrow it down has been a hard choice for me; but I would have to say I love to capture “love.” I know that sounds clique, but I think the moments in a person’s life from when they find the one person they know will be with forever and they can face any challenge with; and then after finding that person, deciding to make a family – have babies and raise them- is so wonderful and can move by so quickly. To not photograph it seems like a shame. There is an old saying that “days pass by slowly, but years pass by quickly.” I have come to find out that is quite accurate in my own life. I can’t believe how my children have gone from babies who can’t roll over to now little people telling me about how wonderful their day has been and reminding me to pick up some of the messes that I make. Here are a few shots of them, because they are truly great models in front of the camera.

children (1)children (2)children (3)

I would say one of my favorite sessions I have recently done is this engagement shoot. I love shooting engaged couples. Their happiness and passion always shines through in the photos. I don’t think I mentioned this in the first paragraph, but I live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Ok, so I am a little biased, but the Flathead Valley is incredible. It is a valley, obviously, but not only that it is surrounded by mountains and nestled up against Glacier National Park. If you ever get a chance to visit, plan to spend at least a few weeks; because that is the only ways you can even get a taste of this beautiful land.

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My style is a combination of lifestyle and documentary. I prefer to capture authentic moments that will stand the test of time. Photographs you will love to show to your grand-kids one day. You can see more of my work on my website.

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