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We have always been drawn to photography. Jamie started with a low-end Canon camera and Lauren, an iPhone app. We met on a college abroad to China and quickly became close friends, but had no clue that in two years we'd be starting a business together and in four years, getting married.

Life is pretty good when you get to run a business with your best friend.

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We love connecting with the world, and that’s why we love photography. Photography is like traveling. You get to meet new people and are quickly brought into their beautiful world. You get to explore new spots with wide eyes. You become inspired by the little things around you: the light, the unique structures, the open fields... You get to try new things, be challenged, and step outside your comfort zone. It's really an incredible adventure!

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Our approach is simple. We love to capture the authentic moments.

Whether it’s the way you make each other laugh, or the tender moments while taking it all in. We love to tell your stories with our photos. We want you to feel something when you look at our photos. We want to be part of your adventure. We want you to be part of our adventure.

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