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The Story Of Two Best Friends In Love

Hey ya’ll, My name is Jessica Simonton! I’m an easy going, porch sitting, sweet tea drinking wedding photographer based in Montana. I also capture destination weddings and cover North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Florida. My husband is my best friend and you can find us together, shooting weddings, or shooting hoops at the local park. Either way, we love spending time together and I think that’s why I love wedding photography SO much! I’m in love with love!

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I’ve pretty much photographed everything from concerts to newborns, but recently gravitated to strictly weddings. The days are long, but the joy is abundant. One of my favorite weddings that I’ve photographed took place in Mexico for obvious reasons (it’s Mexico), but also because the couple was extremely easy going (like me), goofy, carefree, and out of this world gorgeous.

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The Wedding Venue was the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo resort near Playa del Carmen on a white sandy beach with crystal blue water as the backdrop. The couple had their closest friends and family join them for their ceremony on the beach followed by a celebration at the resort for their reception. The wedding day was simple, which was perfect for a beach wedding so that the couple, the backdrop, and atmosphere could truly shine through in the photos.


It was obvious that this couple was loved by many by the amount of people who committed to travelling so far to stand by their side and celebrate their special day with them. It’s always hard to pick a favorite wedding, because they are all unique and special to me. However, as I look back on this one I see the photos truly telling an authentic story of two best friends in love, and I think that’s every photographers dream, to tell an authentic story with pictures.

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