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A Perfect August Wedding

5 (2)Howdy and thanks for checking out my page! My name is Jesse Knutson and I am a full time professional photographer out of Bismarck, ND.

I grew up with the studio photography environment with my Father who was also a Studio owner and full time professional photographer for over 30 years. For me, photography became my passion while living in Australia and traveling around the globe. My hand turned into my camera.

IMG_0517_MG_293925-4 (2) 12Early 2002 I started an internship with my Father at his studio, Robert Knutson Photography and at the same time I started my own sports photography business, Sydney K Photography. March of 2004- 2005 I went back to Australia for College at the International College of Professional Photography in Melbourne where I studied many different kinds of Photography as well as interned with many Aussie Fashion, Wedding, and Commercial Photography studios.

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After returning to the United States with my degree in Photography, I had changed my overall concept of they way I work with people and the style I approach on my shoots. I had a lot of work to do...


From 2008-2010 I had my business based out of San Diego, CA. There I did a lot of photography for musicians and clothing apparel: . Around 2010 I noticed the change in my Photography again and I felt Bismarck was a good opportunity for my business to grow.

1 Now I have been operating out of Bismarck ND but also have been traveling the world with photography. I can't say its always fun and games but I can say its a life changing career.


This is one of my favorite weddings here in Medora, ND. The Badlands may be one of the prettiest backdrops I have been to for wedding photography. Mountains, beaches and cities always have also been great backgrounds, but Medora is very special. During the summer months the grasslands turn a hazy green. Make every wedding beautiful.

On this wedding day working with Meg and Zach we had no weather issues, plenty of time, very good lighting, and good people. It was a nice warm August day. Many of the guests had to travel including our group. No matter what people were going to have a good time and if I could do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing.


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