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Hi all! We are so excited to share with you a little about ourselves today! First of all, we are Jess and Jenn. Sisters, coffee lovers, fresh flower enthusiasts, and taco aficionados. We come from a family with four children and we LOVE that we get to have such a hilarious group to call our family. Somehow, our entire family has a love for creative projects and photography. We shoot digital. Our sister studied film photography in college. Our brother, who currently lives in Australia, gets to do a little photography for his school. And it turns out, our dad dabbled in film photography when he was younger; we still have his old 35mm around somewhere!

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Our passion is documenting details and relationships. We love ALL the pretty things! I’m pretty sure we Instagram every.single. macaroon we eat or peony that enters our homes. And we love the real smiles, real joy, real tears, real love. You basically have to pry our cameras out of our hands to get us to stop photographing a couple in love. That’s why we photograph weddings.

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These two are some of the most kind people we have ever met. This wedding was clearly filled with love. You can see it in every look they share. It is amazing. There is no greater joy for us than seeing families come together to celebrate a love so remarkable.  We are blessed beyond words to call this our job!

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We just love this location. Have Valley is one of our favorite wedding venues! An adorable barn, plenty of gorgeous portrait locations and even a field of cows, we couldn’t ask for a better setting. We are so lucky to get to do what we love with such great people!

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Stop by and say hi sometime! We love making new friends!

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