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Jerrell Trulove | Natural Light Wedding Photographer

I've always been a creator. Writing poetry, drawing cartoons for the school newspaper, taking photos of family during thanksgiving dinner with a cheap little digital camera. I've always had this need to create and preserve memories and emotions in a tangible form. I picked up my first DSLR camera with the hope of capturing those fleeting moments of happiness, love and intimacy that two people experience when they are truly meant for one another.

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When I'm able to connect with couples on a personal level, that's the space I want to occupy. It goes deeper than a simple client/vendor agreement and becomes an actual relationship. It's my goal to deliver the Trulove Experience. Attentiveness, quality and dedication. You deserve to love your wedding day images.

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I'm sincerely humbled whenever I'm trusted to capture someones wedding day and I'm so happy Josai and Irashema allowed me to be a part of their celebration. Thank you Basic Invite for the feature. I am eternally grateful. If you'd like to see more of my work, take a moment to connect with me here.

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