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Back in high school, I had never even thought of photography in a sense that it could be enjoyable.  I had played around with my dad's video camera and the occasional disposable ones.  However, those little mail away cameras and my first digital point and shoot are what allowed me to find my one real passion: photography.


Over the years, my portfolio has been filled with moments of all kinds.  From professional athletic events to engagements and newborns – each has been a learning experience.  The moments that I enjoy the most, however, are the ones that are least expected.  It's one thing to ask someone to look at the camera and say cheese, but it’s another when you catch someone completely letting his or her guard down.  I love the completely raw & unscripted moments.


My favorite people to photograph are children!  Particularly when they are in an environment they're comfortable in, simply being themselves.  Their wild imaginations and unpredictable nature make them exciting subjects to photograph.  Kids, especially if you leave them alone to play and wander, can offer some of the most amazing photo opportunities.

JENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITUREJENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITUREI don't know that my style can be pinned down to a single type.  I primarily consider myself to be a photojournalist and a lifestyle portrait photographer, predominately utilizing ambient lighting.  I've most frequently photographed families, engagements, newborns, maternity sessions, boudoir sessions and general portraiture.

Photography isn't full-time for me, as I am a marketing assistant in the aviation industry by day, and a photographer/blogger by night. Outside of portrait work, I have a tremendous adoration for travel photography (and travel in general!)  I spend a significant amount of time working on my travel blog these days.JENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITUREJENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHYJENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITUREJENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITUREJENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITURE JENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITUREJENNIFER LONGO PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAITURE

To me, photography isn’t just a job or an easy way to make a few dollars.  As a matter of fact, if it's being done right, it shouldn't be easy at all.  I take it personally and very seriously because it involves capturing raw emotion and being a part of people's lives.  If someone chooses me to take the photos that ultimately end up on their walls, I consider it a tremendous compliment and a huge honor.




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