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Jamie Lee Photography, family lifestyle session


Hi there, I'm Jamie! I am the owner and lead photographer for Jamie Lee Photography. We are based out of Denver, Colorado and specialize in wedding + lifestyle photography. The wide variety of landscape and dramatic weather in Colorado are unbeatable.

Aside from weddings, my favorite thing to capture are “lifestyle” moments for families. Splashing in the water, twirling in a field of wildflowers, wrestling with dad, holding moms hand, dogs running around, and enjoying unplugged time together while soaking up the last rays of sunshine. These are simple, beautiful moments that I adore.


Time flies by way too quickly. My hope is that people can look back at their images for years to come and get that lovely nostalgic feeling. With this particular kind of session I use minimal posing so we can really capture authentic moments. Being “in the moment” is a big part of creating authenticity which is why in the majority of the images people aren't paying attention to me and my camera, they are focused on enjoying each other. This trick also helps to capture more genuine expressions out of children.


Light is another big factor when creating authentic and natural looking images. Our outdoor sessions take advantage of optimal light in the golden hour and this creates stunning results. It also allows me to ditch the lighting equipment so I'm free to run around and capture a variety of angles and perspectives.


Being trusted to capture moments for other people is an honor. This life is full of incredible blessings and JLP is looking forward to leaving our mark in the photography world!


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