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Intimate New Year’s Eve Wedding

Hi, there! I’m James Darmawan, the man behind the camera at James Darmawan Photography. I am a fine art photographer and photojournalist. My specialty is to use light source from my strobes and balance it with the ambiance. Whether that’s natural light, indoor light or even outdoor during very bright days. This technique is what helps me create unique images every time I shoot.


I’ve had a love of photography since I was a kid. I took every chance I got to use my parents' camera and was always taking random pictures during vacation. I received my Bachelor of Science in communications with an emphasis in graphic design from University Wisconsin of Stevens Point. In 2011, after saving enough money to buy professional equipment of my own I was finally able to pursue the photography business and with that James Darmawan Photography was born.


 This intimate New Year’s Eve wedding is one of my favorite weddings from 2016! The ceremony and reception were held at Waube Logde in Lakewood, WI. Brian and Gina, the happy couple, chose this location because they love the natural scenery and being from Menominee Falls, WI it is close to home so they can celebrate their anniversary there every year. Something memorable about this couple is their adopted daughter, Cici and their son Simon. They are such a loving family and it was super easy to work with all of them. Being able to capture an entire family on such a special day was an extra special touch that made this wedding so memorable.


 This New Year’s Eve wedding was so special and I stayed until midnight in order to capture the very special moment when they were watching fireworks - celebrating a new chapter of life and a new year. There was so much dancing and Cici hardly left the floor the whole night!


 This wedding was a blast and I love the way the photos turned out. I hope you enjoy them too!

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