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             Reiter-4Hey ya’ll! My name is Jenn, and I’m the owner of J-Wil Photography.

I am a 25 year young , full time Nursing Student , and part time Photographer.I have a book collection that would rival Rory Gilmore’s (If you don’t know who this is, I’m not sure we can be friends). I live on an 80+ acre farm in a dust speck of a town in Indiana, and I am the proud ‘momma’ of a five week old calf named Dozer.

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I picked up my “first” camera about five years ago- taking your stereotypical ‘outdoorsy’ photos of my dog, flowers, and landscapes. It wasn’t until three years ago that I started taking photographs of people, and venturing into the ‘professional’ (aka…getting paid-as I like to jokingly say) side of photography. I am a 99% self-taught (a big shout out to all the you-tubers who helped me on my way) natural light photographer. I started out by dabbling in all areas (newborn, senior, maternity, family, etc.) When I took on a second shooter position for another photographer I fell in love with wedding photography.


Maybe it stems from my love of books… but I just cannot resist a good story. There’s just something about a wedding photography that compels me to capture that tale. I love the way each photograph can capture the essence of a single moment in time- the way a groom tears up as his bride walks down the isle, the nervous energy beaming from the brides eyes as she slips her gown on, or even the mischievous flower girl sneaking glances at the wedding cake-all the little parts that make up a whole occasion.

Reiter-384Reiter-318Reiter-381I strive to capture the perfect memories that my clients will cherish for all time. I’m constantly reading books, watching tutorials, and having test shoots to help myself improve. I’m far from what I personally consider a professional (I probably fall in between amateur-professional) but anyone who says they don’t have room to improve is lying. We all continue to learn every time we press our shutters. I work my butt off to capture the best photos I can for my clients.Reiter-249

My style of photography is lifestyle and natural light dependent. I do use off camera flash when the moment calls for it, but I heavily depend on in/direct sunlight to capture those special “ahh” moments.  I've got my own ideas of what "looks good" (don't we all, though?)- this currently entails some sort of VSCO Film pre-set incorporated in every image I take.


My favorite shoot so far ( I haven’t done many weddings, but this will always be special to me) was Jaime and Marks wedding. It was a warm summer day, and the quaint little spot by the pond in their neighborhood was perfect for their ceremony. It was a small gathering of close friends and family, and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple. This blended family came together and celebrated in a way that was oh-so true to them. They held a simple ceremony beneath a beautiful sycamore tree, exchanged absolutely beautiful vowels, and celebrated afterwards with their guests in the comfort of their home. It may not have been a colossal event- but there’s no way they could have made it any more complete.




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