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Interview With Braja Mandala Photography

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Braja Mandala is most know for her photography work in Indian weddings. Her photos have graced the pages of prominent publications such as Harper's Bazaar India, Grace Ormonde Magazine, and Ceremony Magazine just to name a few. She has traveled the globe capturing stunning moments on film. We sat down with her to ask her advice and tips on wedding photography.

What is the most exciting thing about photographing an Indian wedding?

In one word, family. Family is everything. The amount of respect shown during the ceremonies to incorporate family is so beautiful. Family brings laughter, celebration and emotion to every event. I was recently photographing the groom's portraits. I asked his mom to stand between the groom and his brother. The next moment she broke down in tears. I didn’t stop shooting. Most would. She immediately came gave me the biggest hug and thanked me. The moments I caught for their family are priceless. You will experience moments like this throughout the day. It’s not always tearful, it’s most of the time celebratory. But, it always comes down to family. I’m always humbled to be witness to it all.

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First Look portraits are becoming more and more popular. Do you recommend the first look to be inside or outside, and why?

Outdoors. Hands down. You want the moment to be intimate yet dramatic. When brides are in that moment, they cannot think of anything else but the look on the groom's face. We deliver that image. But, think about adding a bit of drama to that moment, when you can see your environment. I love giving my clients a 180 degree view. It’s taking a beautiful moment to another level. We always ask our brides why they booked their venue because we want to be sure they see that background and help choose parts of the property that they are drawn to.

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Do you have any wedding photography tips for couples?

The most important piece of advice that I can offer to someone when finding their perfect wedding photographer is to hire someone you like. Your photographer will be with you, your family, and friends the entire day and it is important that your photographer is a person whom you can have a good time with on your wedding day. Someone whom you can see being a representative of you to your close family and friends. This feeling of friendship with your photographer will translate into your photographs. The more comfortable you feel around your photographer, the better your photographs will be.

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