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Holly Ireland Photography is actually myself and my husband Bruce. We love working as a team. Wedding photography is our favorite. Each day is so unique and we love the pressure to document each Bride and Groom in their own unique way. We have a very fun and relaxed way of running the photo shoots. Bruce is the funny one in our relationship. He keeps the bride and groom laughing so that the party is still happening during the photo time of their wedding. We love to do a mixture of posed and candid shots. Even though we do some creative and out of the box shots we always do the timeless and traditional photos too. We strive to document wedding days in a timeless way to show for generations to come.


These photos are from a wedding that was probably our favorite this year. Kate and Ryan got married at this amazing house in Carpintiera CA, near Santa Barbara. The Bates Ranch house is a gorgeous wedding venue, so rustic but elegant complete with all ocean views. Kate and Ryan and as beautiful inside as they are out. It made our job so easy as photographers. A beautiful couple and a stunning setting what could be better?

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Kate thought of every detail to decorate this day. They had 18 in their bridal party. It was a big one to try to organize but they were all so nice! Kate and Ryan didn't do a first look they wanted to wait to see each other until the ceremony. It was so special the look Ryan had when his beautiful bride walked down the aisle. There was a little hicup in the day when someone forgot to lay the flowers down the aisle. While doing the bridal party photos we saw the bag of petals and thought...lets not waste these lets use them for an awesome photo. So we had one shot at this every one in the bridal party grabbed a handful and on the count of three threw them up in the air. It was a perfect moment and such a fun photo for a bridal party shot. It really summed up the fun of the day.


The reception was gorgeous. Perfect lighting, stunning tables, and ridiculously amazing sunset ocean views during dinner. This was probably the most emotional wedding we have shot as well. It started with the most amazing toast from the father of the bride. Those always get me when the dads tell the groom to take care of his little girl and can barely get the words out.


But then the mother/groom dance... well the mother of the groom was in a horrible horse riding accident a few years back. She is now paralyzed in a wheelchair and can move some of her facial features and that is about it. Well Ryan wheeled her out for the dance and actually picked her up and started to slow dance. Needless to say there was not a dry eye in the house. We kept shooting even though I just wanted to watch this perfect moment! But it is documented in their photos and their wedding album so that moment along with all the other special parts of their day will not be lost.


The wedding was ended with the most beautiful sparkler exit and then a special send off in a classic, vintage car. It really was our wedding of the year and we were so honored to be a part of it.

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