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Hey! I am Hannah Spradlin the owner, photographer, and editor of HG Photography a small town company based in Springfield, OH!

I got my start in photography at a young age. When I was 5 years old my dad gave me my first camera and started teaching me everything he knew. Throughout the years I entered multiple photography contest before beginning my education at a technical school, and then receiving my associates degree in multimedia.


I believe that photography is the only way to really keep a memory. You can stop time with a camera and edit it to perfection whereas the brain may forget the details, the photograph will forever show them! Photos of people is a way to keep them with you forever, to watch as they age, and how they change day to day.  Photos of landscapes and wildlife let people see the details of nature and the amazing visuals only some are lucky enough to see up close.


Some of my favorite subjects to photograph are small children. It’s always wonderful to capture their innocence and the pure features of their faces. When I shoot kids I prefer to do candid shots because kids can be so spontaneous and those moments mean a lot more than any posed shot.


Another is shooting seniors and doing graduation photos. I feel like even though these are cliché, senior portraits are actually such an important event to capture. A moment between being a child under their parent’s wings to becoming an adult and learning to be on their own. These photos, to me, show a sense of responsibility and independence.

DSC_3623 Being a photographer isn’t just about taking photos or just making money. I started my business because of my passion to see things in a completely different way than most people, and I wanted to capture things that are usually unseen or forgotten. Although photography is considered an art form, I think of it more as creating and reporting history. When shooting weddings, my goal is to catch the looks on the guests faces and the little moments that the busy bride and groom may not have seen.


Photography is a form of art, piece of history, and memories captured in time. We need to remember that when life gets a little blurry, all we need to do is adjust our focus.

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You can find all of our work at Facebook or you can email us at or call us at (937-505-0212).

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