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 When you see a moment that can’t be explained in a single word, and one that gives you a deeper sense of feeling that touches your soul, you hold your breath and press the shutter.

Photography is the best way I know of expressing myself through the people who share their special moments with me.  This journey first started with the birth of my first child and carried on as my family grew.  Capturing moments of their life one shot at a time and years later, to watch their smiles light up when they see old photos of themselves have always been my inspiration.


My goal is simple.  To make my clients comfortable.  My approach is even simpler. To have my clients be themselves and to put them in a setting where they can have their moment.  It then becomes natural with pure emotions.

As a Sailor, it’s been engrained in me to never forget where I came from and so I wanted to honor this with something that I am passionate about.

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Besides being a photographer,  I am proudly serving my country on active duty with the US Navy.  I am often asked how I came up with the name Haze Gray Pixels.  Well, haze gray is a paint color scheme used by US Navy warships and  there is a term "Haze gray and Underway" which is a saying that refers to surface ships in arduous duty at sea.  It's a term of tribal pride and identification.

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Any opportunity to shoot is a blessing. All the glory goes to God above and I am forever thankful to him for blessing me with a family who continues to love and support me in this journey through the lens of my viewfinder.

Everyone has a different story to tell, I’d love to document yours and create images that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

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