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Greenville, SC Newborn and Baby Photographer: Quiet Graces Photography

Hi!  I'm Melissa Aldrich of Quiet Graces Photography.  I'm a Greenville, SC Newborn and Baby Photographer.  I'm super passionate about encouraging new mamas both with words and with images that showcase the beauty of their little ones. Greenville SC Newborn Photographer Greenville SC

One day a session changed the course of my life.  I gained a best friend, clarity, and the title of "Auntie M" from the most unexpected place.  Let me tell you a little bit about this session.

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It was a mini session.  These lower priced sessions often bring in people who are curious about my experience, but a little wary to invest.  Mom Amanda and I had chatted via email about her firecracker 2 year old daughter Parker and little sister Lydia who was 9 months old.  She seemed easy going and excited which is my favorite type of client.

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What Amanda had intentionally not told me was the Lydia had Down syndrome. I could tell right away that this fact wasn't something she felt I needed to know.  Down syndrome was a part of Lydia like blue eyes were a part of my daughter.  It didn't need to be communicated formally.

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer

Lydia was an incredible little girl.  While Parker predictably sulked and tore things up (and mama and I laughed), Lydia smiled, laughed, and interacted with me. Eventually her smiles that started from her toes (you could literally see it start at her toes!) charmed even Parker enough to be in the picture.  And their relationship was adorable even on camera.

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When Amanda, Parker, and Lydia left the studio, I found myself blinking back tears.  I had learned the most important lesson of my life:

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No matter their ability, every person just wants to be loved and cherished. We are all more alike than different.

Greenville SC Down Syndrome Baby Newborn Photographer

Lydia's sweet soul inspired me to do a Down syndrome awareness project.  Amanda and I partnered together to photograph many children and adults with Down syndrome and show the public who they are outside of their extra chromosomes.  I'll remain passionate about showing others that the needs for love, acceptance, and dreams are not "special needs" for the rest of my life.

Have you ever had an experience that helped you see a person as they really were? How has that changed you? Let me know below!

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  • Anne

    I loved your Down Syndrome Awareness blog last year. Amanda wasn't sitting up yet but this year she is walking! Thank you.

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