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Hey y'all! My name is Gianna. I'm a California girl currently living in the beautiful state of Tennessee. I have had a passion for photography from time I was eight years old with my very first disposable camera. Eventually my passion for taking photos to document my own life turned into a passion to capture the extremely special moments of other people's lives!

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One of my favorite weddings to date was this GORGEOUS wedding that took place in an almond orchard in Modesto, CA. Everything about that day was perfect! The colors, the bridal party, the dancing, the food. The whole day was just full of love and fun from start to finish. David&Emily-90David&Emily-245David&Emily-231David&Emily-526

My favorite part of shooting a wedding is the chance to capture all the candid moments of the bride, groom, and guests enjoying themselves. It was SO easy for me to do that at this particular wedding! When all is said and done I want the bride and groom to be able to look back and see how wonderful their day was! I know for them it's a blur, but I want them to be able to relive each moment when they receive their photos! David&Emily-521 David&Emily-229 David&Emily-542 David&Emily-87

I also want to capture every single, beautiful detail. Once the party is over and everything is put away it is easy to forget just how gorgeous everything was! All the details for David & Emily's wedding were dreamy!


I love to sneak the bride and groom away from the reception and give them a chance to breathe and just take a moment for themselves. I usually try to capture some intimate shots as well! This was my favorite! The sun was setting over the orchard and I was able to capture some beautiful silhouette shots of the two of them!

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The dance floor at David and Emily's wedding was SO much fun! I have been to weddings where guests are less than enthusiastic about getting up and busting a move, but this was NOT one of those weddings! The music was loud, the lights were flashing and almost every guest was on that dance floor! It was such a fun day, and I'm so honored that they chose me to capture it!

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