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It's strange to think photographs used to be a thing of the future. Once created people were baffled that you could sit in front of a big clunky box for 30 seconds as still as a mouse and behold hours later the captured essence of your very being. In present day we often take for granted the true meaning of a photograph.

Photographs to me embody your life at the present moment. Yourself as child, life as a student when you had sleepy eyes and full brains, life as a newlywed nothing but joyous smiles and a full heart, life as parents nurturing their young prepping them for a future beyond your imagining. My photography is "Focused on You."

Sometimes the life of the photographer can show through their work. I grew up on a little dairy farm in a small country town, most days were spent outside admiring nature, drawing, and enjoying all the day had to offer. In college I studied fine arts with a concentration in painting and photography. Painting allowed me see color interaction, how to understand when warm tones or cool tones would be added to make another color pop, create depth, or intensity within your work. It also demonstrated the importance of a well thought out and composed unique work of art. My photography classes focused much on the craft itself, creating our own pin hole camera, soft boxes, spending countless hours dodging and burning images in the film studio trying to perfect that tiny, little grainy frame of film. It is crazy that after 2 years intensive hands on art classes, I was set in a computer lab with my first DSLR camera and Photoshop so amazed at how everything happened at the click of a button. Now I had the chance to express everything I knew the photograph needed but did not possess in the captured image. To me photography was a way for me to create my own works of art. To show the world the awe I felt with nature as a child, to color the world as if it were my coloring book, and to capture the essence of the people right in front of me. Freezing them in real time showing off their uniqueness, their quirks, their family, their special place that holds their most precious memories.

My favorite shoot to date: The Cattersons. A family who lives life to the fullest, who relishes the fact that their kids can go visit Grandma and Grandpa explore in their backyard, pluck and eat fresh raspberries from the bush, smell the flowers, watch the vegetable garden grow, romp around with their dogs, play games with Dad, enjoy some love and attention from mom, and take photos in a space that holds such precious memories. Photography is not about smiling pretty in front of a backdrop, it is about you and immortalizing your life. My mission as a photographer is having clients "Light up with photographs displaying the awe of your world and the beautiful essence that is your life." Here's to the Cattersons!




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