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Yanko Ivanov - Featured Photographer

Yanko Ivanov is a professional freelance photographer based in Gurnee, Illinois, with over twelve years of experience. He specializes in portrait and wedding / event photography.


Though he studied Music Arts and Theology, Yanko decided to follow his passion for photography. In his eyes, music and photography work in perfect harmony; there has to be an image with every sound.

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He became fascinated with photography at the age of seven when he started using his father’s 35mm camera; Yanko’s official career began in 2002 when he joined a small family-owned company in Gurnee. Several years later, he opened his own studio – Wedding Photo World – and Kalina Naydenova joined the company to form a team. In October 2014, Gurnee Business Recognition awarded Wedding Photo World with the “Best of 2014 Gurnee” for Wedding Photographer.


“Our philosophy is very simple. We believe that it is your moment, your day and your memory– it should be captured the way you want. Our styles range from traditional to artistic to photojournalistic. Forget about Pinterest: Unleash your imagination and let us preserve your memories in a way no word can explain.”

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