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Featured Photographer Joshua Rainey Photography

Hello there! Joshua Rainey Photography here with a featured photographer blog post. We are so excited to have Basic Invite feature our photography on this blog! We wanted to start off by telling you a little bit about the two of us, then we can get to some details about the photos of Bailey and Keith's amazing wedding.

We are a husband and wife team of wedding photographers based in Eugene Oregon (available to travel anywhere you might want to get married though!). We love getting to document amazing days for incredible people and it's such an honor to be help create lasting memories for our clients! Our photography mixes storytelling photojournalism with creative fine art. We're constantly working hard to tell the story of the wedding day while at the same making it looks as beautiful as possible. We strive towards natural looking images with tones that look like real life. There are so many photographers out there that just do too much! We want to keep it simple, elegant, beautiful, and most importantly; timeless.

So, for Bailey and Keith's wedding we had it pretty easy. They did so much to make the details of their day look amazing! We got to spend an epic (and epically hot) summer day with the two of them just shooting photos and laughing the whole time. They had the world's largest bridal party along with 500+ guests! Plenty of opportunities for great photos!

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Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our work! If you want to follow along you can find us at or on Instagram (@joshuaraineyphotography).

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