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Featured Photographer Black Lamb Photography

Featured Photographer Black Lamb Photography

Hi everyone.  My name is Linda Borrego and I'm a natural light photographer based out of Ottawa, Canada.  I'm also the owner of Black Lamb Photography, which specializes in wedding and engagement photography.featured-photographer-black-lamb-photography-ottawa-canada-9I live out in the country and love my surroundings, so if a couple's wedding is remotely rustic, I'm all over the idea of being their wedding photographer.  You see,  fields, barns, the countryside and venues with lots of natural light make me a happy lady.  However, no matter what venue or decorations my clients choose, my goal is always to capture their wedding day beautifully.

featured-photographer-black-lamb-photography-ottawa-canada-1featured-photographer-black-lamb-photography-ottawa-canada-2To explain how I ended up being a photographer, I need to talk about my childhood a bit.  I began taking fashion shots of my Barbies when I was a kid and then as I grew older I started getting my friends to model for me.  Realizing how much I loved photography, I took it to the next level and graduated from college in applied photography.  I have 15+ years of professional photography experience and my portrait work has been featured on 30+ photography blogs.  Like many photographers, photography is my passion.


I love to photograph couples in love, so I really enjoy wedding photography and most especially engagement photography.  Engagement sessions are a more relaxed way to be able to photograph a couple.  There isn't the stress of having to be on a tight timeline.  There's also the flexibility to reschedule if the weather isn't cooperating.


This particular engagement photo session had all of the elements that I love for a couple's session: an open field, old farm fences, horses, a lake and the most adorable (and might I add photogenic) couple that I've had the pleasure to work with.  My client, Liz, is an avid horse rider who has been riding horses since she was young.  She still goes horseback riding every week, so she wanted to incorporate this aspect of her life in their engagement photo session.  The beautiful location provided beautiful backdrops for their rustic style engagement photo session.   These guys were so adorable and we were able to get lots of beautiful photos for their engagement session.


I would love the opportunity to work with other fantastic couples to help great beautiful engagement and wedding photos.  Contact me today.

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