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My name is Sasha and I own my photography business, Expressions by Sasha. Growing up, I always felt I had a creative personality; It wasn't until I was in a college art class and had a photography assignment, that I figured out that it was my creative outlet. Though I've had jobs through the years, I have always kept doing photography on the side. I now am a stay at home mom who is pursing my passion for photography as a career. Other than being a mother, no other job I've had has given me the feeling of purpose and excitement the way photography does.

I feel privileged my clients choose to share their special moments with me; capturing memories is something that can never be replaced. My favorite is getting natural shots when people are not always posed. I also like to include my clients on ideas, so that way I am able to give them what they are looking for. My overall goal is to make my sessions fun and comfortable, but still professional. I am currently located in Southern California, but will soon be relocating back to where I am originally from in the Midwest and will be in the Kansas City, MO surrounding area.013A recent session that was special to me was my cousin Caelum's senior pictures; I've watched him grow up over the years and remember the days when he was small and I would babysit him. He has grown into an amazing young man and I couldn't wait to capture that in his pictures. 012 014The week before I flew in to Missouri, Caelum suffered a severe football injury that was going to require surgery. He was told he would never be able to play football again. Football was his passion and he was hoping to play in college. This unexpected, life changing injury was devastating for him; being the good sport he is, we still took his scheduled pictures while I was in town. We made a deal that I would not get his leg brace in any of the shots and I also tried to get his mind off of football for a bit. In the pictures you would never know he even had an injury, and he ended up having fun during the session. My job as a photographer is to bring out the happiness within and give someone something that they will be happy looking at not just now, but years down the road. I wanted to make him feel special that day, and know despite the situation, he is still wonderful and inspiring.

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016The picture below was just a fun one we took, but it is special because it includes my 20 month old son Ezra who has Spina Bifida.096

My photography focuses on portraits of life's everyday moments; not just big events. I like keeping it simple, personable, and affordable for everyone. Whether it's life's beginning: maternity, the laughter of a child, high school seniors starting their new journey into adulthood, a newly engaged couple, or just capturing those fun family moments. In closing, below are some fun family beach pictures that show how capturing a simple day at the beach, can preserve those memories for a lifetime. 003 004 005"Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." -Camille Pissarro

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