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Hey all my name is Erin! I can’t believe I have been shooting people (photographically speaking, that is) for over ten years now! My first engagement session was way back when Napoleon was busy shading the upper lips of his drawings. 2004 seems like yesterday, but my work has definitely grown!

Groom Prepping For Wedding Bride Utah Country Wedding I started taking pictures in Jr. High because I wanted to eventually turn my photographs into paintings, then I realized that the photographs themselves were works of art. I had a wonderful high school photo teacher who inspired me to create my own business a year after I graduated and I have never looked back. I also taught photography for seven years full-time as a high school teacher and part-time as a college professor (sometimes both at once). LDS Temple Wedding

While I absolutely will not say that I know everything, teaching has taught me to really understand the camera, composition and the deliciousness that is a “perfect” photograph. I bend over backwards (sometimes literally) to get my clients the best shot I can imagine. I am happy to ask for advice and help because I don’t think anyone ever stops learning. I have my own style and my own ideas about what “looks good” I am also not afraid to venture out and experiment. Bride and Groom Cutting The Cake My photographic style is now considered lifestyle/natural lighting photographer. While I can, and have used, studio lights — off camera flash and everything in between…I get my most “ah ha! moments” (aesthetic experiences) with naturally lit portraits while people are just being themselves.

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It’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite photo shoot because they all become my favorite! Each client is completely unique and so I find new “favorite” things about each and every one. That being said, there was something special about photographing my own little sister’s wedding. Talk about making me feel OLD! It was freezing cold and windy AND rainy so I definitely had a challenge, but came out with some really special moments. The reception was held in a toasty gorgeous old barn and it was a completely different experience seeing some of the decorations I had helped with become my images as well. I adored the thought and attention to detail that was put into that wedding. I have an amazing sister and I am so glad that I had ten years of practice to give her some great photos as well.

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