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My name is Eric Jon Hough. I created Eric Jon Photography in 2013, but I’ve been clicking the shutter since 2007. I'm a traveler at heart, so even though I'm based out of New York's Capital Region, I'm pushing to shoot weddings and engagement sessions all over the world.  I’m a photographer for the New York State Senate from Monday to Friday, however my passion lies within the wedding scene. After photographing politicians all week, I get pretty excited to shoot weddings on the weekends. There’s nothing better than making a hundred new friends while capturing the energy of a wedding and the love between two beautiful people and their families.

I pay attention to the little details and the “moments between moments” that add up to make each wedding story truly unique. My photographic style isn’t completely defined yet, which is something I really love about my work because it’s always different. I try to personalize the images to match my client’s personalities and the bond they share as much as possible. I'm able to achieve this through planning, directing techniques and strategic lighting.

I include a complimentary engagement session with all of my wedding packages, which allows me to work with the couples before the wedding day. This also provides the couples with an opportunity to create beautiful images for their wedding invitations and their welcome table at the wedding reception!

These photographs are from an engagement session that I did in November with some old friends from high school. This was one of my favorite sessions because the “Bride to be” was in my first photography class, way back in 10th grade. It was an amazing feeling to be photographing our class sweethearts’ engagement almost 10 years later!

EJH_5550 EJH_5575 EJH_5577 EJH_5583 EJH_5602 EJH_5625 EJH_5659 EJH_5691 EJH_5713 EJH_5718 EJH_5726 EJH_5731 EJH_5762 EJH_5798 EJH_5860Sydney & Blaine have a deep love for one another that’s clearly held together by laughter and genuine happiness. I tried to accentuate that as much as possible while I was shooting with them. By focusing on that connection, I was able to create a final collection of images that truly represents who they are as a couple.

My sessions are usually only an hour long, but I offered to stay for an extra hour so we could get a dramatic twilight shot and I do not regret it. The image from the end of the night is by far my favorite romantic photograph to date and having a personal relationship with the couple makes it even better!

For more love stories and information on wedding photography please visit my website.

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  • azaria barnett

    i've always wanted to do modeling and it would be amazing if you agreed to do a shoot with me. you take wonderful eye grabbing photos. hope to here from you!

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