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Engagement Season Is Here! A Few Tips From A Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Damon Bilger Weddings

Hello! My name is Damon Bilger, and I’m a wedding photographer based out of the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. I’ve been shooting weddings and engagement sessions for over 10 years, and I want to share with you one great engagement session from a few weeks ago taken at Second Bank of the United States, in Philadelphia, PA, along with a few tips on how I work a session with a couple.

Damon Bilger Weddings_07Damon Bilger Weddings_04Damon Bilger Weddings_03The hardest part about an engagement session is making sure I capture the love between these two people without it looking forced or posed. That is why we are here after all - to celebrate their love. But they don’t know me, and in some cases we just met for the very time a few minutes ago. Most of the time they’ve never done a photo shoot like this before, which can cause them to be stiff, nervous, and awkward. So before I start every session I like to break the ice with a little conversation. 

Damon Bilger Weddings_12Damon Bilger Weddings_09 I’ll ask questions like how long they've been engaged, how he proposed, or where their wedding is (in this case I wasn’t shooting their wedding which was being held out of town). I try to make them laugh, make them comfortable, and indirectly remind them why we are here and how much they care for each other. This usually puts a big smile on their face - and now we’re ready for pictures!

Damon Bilger Weddings_08Damon Bilger Weddings_05Damon Bilger Weddings_13 Damon Bilger Weddings_14

As we go I’ll give the couple a few tips, but the most rewarding piece of advice I found works the best, is simply, “be with each other.” Look into his eyes, hold her hands, hug, kiss, just BE. I’m not even here.Damon Bilger Weddings_18 Damon Bilger Weddings_17Damon Bilger Weddings_06

Thanks for reading!!

~ Damon Bilger

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