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feature11Hi! My name is Emily and I'm the owner and artist at Emily Miller Photography. I'm located about 60 miles south of St Louis Missouri. As I sat thinking about this post I realized that I'm going into my ninth year of photography as a business. Time has flown by and I have grown so much over those nine years. I started out photographing everything, I wanted to have my nose in it all. Then I finally realized that it's ok to not do everything, "It's better to do one thing well than ten things poorly" - Heather Hart.


I started to slowly refine my style and my client base. I cut back to families and weddings. Still, creatively I just wasn't where I wanted to be.

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About 6 years ago I had my first senior session and it made me so excited and happy. A lightbulb went off, focus on seniors! So I tried to do just that, still accepting families. I still didn't have it locked in like I wanted, I really wanted to be a "senior photographer" and nothing else. My senior rep program has grown over the years, in the beginning I only accepted two reps from each neighboring school, this resulted in maybe eight  girls. This past year I took on 28 reps and my senior client base has grown ten fold, which has made me one happy photographer! This year I plan on taking 40/50 senior reps from the 2018 senior class.


As my client base has changed so has my editing style and my photography. I can look back at images I edited 7 years ago and realize I was over editing so much to compensate for not really knowing a lot about my camera. Now my editing style is minimal, depending on the shoot. Seniors usually don't require a lot of fixing. :)


This shoot was inspired by this senior. She is a rep for the 2017 school year and is so much fun to photograph. She likes things outside of the box, anything different and fun. I approached her after her first shoot with a vintage theme. We have this quirky town not far from us that was perfect! Shoots like this give me fuel and make me excited again. I think we all get bogged down and in a rut as an artist, we need someone or something that can pull us out.


I hope you enjoyed viewing this series of images I chose! I'm currently booking for Spring 2017 seniors and Fall 2018 seniors!

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