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Hi there, I'm Amy from Echo Media Photography! As a cultural anthropologist and photographer working in California's beautiful Central Valley one of my favorite parts of what I do is getting to witness and document the amazing diversity in weddings. I love seeing people involve different parts of their heritage in their special day. We've photographed Greek Weddings, Chinese, Indian, Uzbek, Portuguese, Mexican, Romanian, Lebanese, Swedish, Russian, and too many others to count! Each one brings with it something new and different to photograph and learn about.

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When we got a call from a couple in Belgium planning a wedding at Park Winters in Winters, CA we were so thrilled. It was a first to shoot a Belgian wedding and it just so happened to be at a place that tied in my other passion, historic architecture (we won't get in to my passion for Belgian waffles and my eternal hope that they would be served at the wedding)!

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When the couple told us that weddings in Belgium usually went until about 5:00 AM but they were planning to end the party around 4:00 since it was in California and several of their guests were from here, we had a hard time picturing any wedding lasting that late. We go to a ton of fun weddings but here in California we usually wrap things up by midnight at the very latest and at that point it's usually down to the bridal party dancing away. When we got to their wedding and checked out the shuttle schedule for bringing their guests back to the hotel we saw the commitment to fun with almost all of the guests signing up to head on out at 4:00 AM, even the older guests! As the night went on, they had a midnight buffet with tacos and hamburgers for the California side and Belgian Waffles to make their photographer happy, or you know, to bring a bit of Belgium here.

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Our very favorite part of all of this was getting to know the sweet bride and groom and the next year flying out to Belgium to do their maternity photos. As amazing as their wedding was, it was even more amazing getting to experience their beautiful country with them and enjoy their wonderful hospitality. We came home with luggage full of chocolates and hearts full of amazing memories.

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