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Dreamy Wedding Photography

Love that makes you feel hope, excitement and joy- THAT is the kind of love Megan and Andrew exuded!!

They celebrated their joining in marriage on a beautiful fall day in November with those dearest to their hearts.

Being able to capture pure joy and raw emotion is what makes my career purposeful and fulfilling.

Being a photographer is far beyond taking beautiful imagery, it's about investing in who people are and giving them a gift they can re-live time and time again.

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Nearly 7 years ago, I fell in love with wedding photography after a couple took a leap of faith on me and chose me to photograph their wedding. The flow of a wedding day, the range of emotions, the chaotic moments- I loved it all! I wanted in!

From there, it took off. Now, I find myself thrilled and honored that people pay me to do what I do!

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Each year, I continue to feel so blessed to get to work with SO many genuine and kind couples. I look forward to who I will meet and how their wedding day will be. It's such a fun, exciting and invested profession!

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