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My name is Ed Runyon. My beautiful bride Amy and I have been celebrating our marriage since 2003 and have two beautiful boys, Skyler and Noal.

Things we love (besides each other): God, our boys, dogs, family, camping, Michigan, and of course photography. Surprisingly though, what we have found, is that we love almost even more than photography is connecting with the people we meet through photography. We have made some AMAZING friends because of our photography business. Our passion is to tell stories with photos, and show others the success we have had in our marriage because of God.

With the invitation to write for this website, it was suggested to write about our favorite photo shoot. As it may sound cliche and overstated by a passionate photographer, "they are all my favorite" . . . let me re-state that. Each and every time I meet someone, get to know their story, and photograph them, I get the opportunity to take away something unique. Something that I can look back on and say "they are the sweetest people" or "they have such a cute story" or "I love the ideas they have about their wedding".

Quite often it's the small things about someone that stand out to me – things like seeing the groom break down in tears at the sight of his bride. Watching how hard and beautiful it was for a father to marry his son and daughter-in-law, having just recently lost his own wife to illness. The ring bearer so nervous to dance, and the best man that's not nervous at all! And the bride that is so overwhelmed with joy and love for her husband who just surprised her with something beautiful.

These are all examples of what we have witnessed through the years we have been photographing weddings. Amy and I don't say, "We HAVE to do another wedding." We say "We GET to do another wedding!" because it's such a privilege to do this!

I could always have something negative to say about each and every wedding Amy and I have photographed. But honestly, if we would have concentrated on those things, we would not be wedding photographers today. We choose to remember the best and most special moments from the very start of booking a client, until well after the wedding! This has kept our mindset in a place where it needs to be, to be able to create and witness the love that two people have in order to start a marriage.


With all that said, and sorry for getting a little long winded, this is one for our record books!

Nick and Lisa share a very influential, motivating and God centered love! We connected by offering them a free engagement session, and also as a way to re-connect. Lisa and I had gone to High School together for a while and had not seen each other for several years. It didn't take long to see how important Lisa was to Nick and the other way around for that matter. We saw a maturity in their relationship that was so refreshing!

When it came to the wedding day, we had the pleasure of meeting Lisa's beautiful daughters too. During the ceremony Nick had a special moment with them and talking directly to them. There is always something quite special to me when I see any man take on the responsibility to care for children as well as a wife. After the ceremony, their reception was moved to Lisa's backyard where they entertained their guests with yard games, music, dancing, amazing food and just plain old FUN! They had wonderful decorations that were actually rented from a company that collects wedding decorations from all over and then rent's them out (we found that so interesting). From the touching moments of promise of Love and Family, to ladies doing Zumba in the corner, to a beautiful Sparkler and Lantern send off at night, it was beautiful to say the least!

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