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Diana Deaver Weddings - Featured Photographer

Diana Deaver Weddings is a wedding photography studio based in Charleston SC. Our team is composed of two professional wedding photographers: male and female. Our clients have described us as laid back, good to calm the nerves and amazingly talented at capturing meaningful moments. We love to blend in with the wedding guests at weddings so that people can relax and forget we're there to take their photos.

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We focus on the experience of the wedding day. Our photographs insist on showing the love, intimacy and joy that is felt on that day. Funny moments, great loving gestures and unique personalities are just a few of our standard subjects.

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Because most of the weddings we photograph are in Charleston, SC, our imagery is filled with extraordinary backgrounds and gorgeous scenes. With the bridal couple at the center of our focus we use a variety of lighting techniques that make for vibrant, memorable and artful photos.

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We have photographed over 200 weddings in Charleston. This experience has enabled us to be familiar with the best angles of the most popular venues. Our clients are often surprised and impressed to see their photos framed within natural elements like live oak, marshes, and historic views.

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We enjoy constantly collaborating with wedding magazines and blogs and many of our weddings are featured online. We also love to share on our website a lot of photography and wedding preparation tips to support our clients in their planning process

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