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Hey everyone, my name is Danyelle! Coming from a small town wasn't always the easiest thing, but the one thing that made it better for me was taking pictures. Growing up I was always fascinated with art and especially photography. Every night after school I would take my daily "photowalk" and just experiment and learn from what my camera had to teach me. I've been a photographer for what seems like a decade now, and every time I take my camera out I learn something new.

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It really is hard to pick my favorite shoot up until now because there are so many that I adore! But I landed on one of my most resent weddings from my small little town. Sarah and Cody were amazing to work with and as a couple and you couldn't have a more perfect fit for one another.

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Sarah can l light up a room the minute she walks in. Ive known her since Elementary school and it has been a blessing to both watch her grow up and to be able to photograph her. Once upon a time ago, I took her senior portraits, and now her wedding. Oh how the time really DOES fly!

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The wedding was nothing short of amazing, down to the last little details. An autumn country wedding was the perfect fit for these two lovebirds. We had so much time to take their portraits which was amazing and I couldn't be more happier about how they turned out.

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I think the best part about photographing a wedding for someone you know, is that throughout the day your able to actually enjoy some of the most special moments with them as a friend AND their photographer.

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There is nothing I love more than being a photographer. Being able to create memories for others to hold in their hearts for years to come is what makes long nights of editing all worth it!

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