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Moments That Make The World Stop

My name is Danielle Glidden Wrigley and I’m the owner of Danielle Glidden Photography based in Columbia, SC. The story about me is a pretty simple one. I was born in New Jersey but moved to South Carolina as a little girl. The South is a beautiful place to live. The culture and the amazing landscapes have shaped who I am as a photographer and how I look at light. The Spanish moss and old oaks of Charleston can impact you down to your core. People would definitely categorize me as a natural light photographer. I really enjoy catching how light can bend, reflect and truly create a blanket around the world we live in. I’ve always seen it as a visual form that represents love for my clients.


My most recent wedding is one I really enjoyed photographing. It was at an old mill house in Columbia, SC. If you know anything about South Carolina, it’s that the humidity can really get you, but that day was beautiful. The sun was bright but there was also a gentle breeze that gave you enough of a pick-me-up to get through the day. I had been able to get through some bridal portraits earlier at the same location, so I was already familiar with the grounds. My bride and groom were real go-with-the-flow kind of people, which made for a sweet and easy-going day.


Little did I know, these kids knew how to have a good time. Even the flower girl had a shirt made up to announce the party ahead was going to be spectacular.


I think the biggest thing that stuck with me from this wedding was the connection between this bride and groom. To say it was a pretty large wedding, would be putting it lightly. Deana and Mark were constantly talking to friends and family who traveled from afar to share their special day with them.  




There were these little moments between the hustling and bustling of the crowd that they found each other and in that moment, there would be this little unseen sparks of electricity between them that pulled them together for a brief intimate kiss. It was as though I could see their souls reaching and finding an inter calm amongst the chaos. The world would stop in those moments.


Those are the moments I love to capture. That’s why I enjoy doing what I do.

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