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Bride and Groom Under Veil Cristina del Toro Photography

I had a favorite Barbie doll as a young girl. She was this beautiful doll dressed in a creamy, lacy wedding dress. She had diamond studs in her ears and a fancy hair do. I definitely loved to play bride with her. Bride and Groom Kiss Antique CarCristina del Toro PhotographyShe represented the future possibilities and dreams. Little did I realize that someday I would be honored to capture images of people’s weddings. These images represent their hopes, dreams, and future possibilities.

I am a professional photographer based out of the Orange County, California area. I have been lucky to be Bride Leans on Wall Cristina del Toro Photographyphotographing for eight years now.   I love to photograph couples in emotional and candid poses. I enjoy offering guidance on poses that help you look your best. I strive to get to know the bride and groom and to put them at ease on their big day. I meet with them several times including an engagement session. During the engagement session, I go over some tricks on posing to make them look their best.Bride and Groom Show Rings  Cristina del Toro Photography I usually demonstrate with myself and enjoy seeing them laugh and smile. This really helps to build their confidence for the camera. I visit their ceremony and reception site and plan areas to photograph and desired shots. Preparation goes a loBride and Groom Teal Cake with Flowersng way to calm the nerves on the big day.

My camera is the starting point I utilize to capture your essence. Bride and Groom Outdoor Photo Cristina del Toro PhotographyAgain this is just a starting point. Once I start the post processing of your best images, my creativity takes over and I become a digital artist. Capturing a great moment or creating a great pose is just as important as how your photos are processed and professionally finished. Editing is definitely one of my specialties and I embrace the process in order to provide you with something unique.Bride Poses on Antique Car

One of my favorite weddings took place in San Diego. The couple were pretty young, energetic, and willing to try anything. Bride and Groom ShoesThey had invested in an antique car and I utilized the car to poses many great bridal portraits, bridal party, and bride and groom. When it became very breezy, they continued to smile and go with it. I was able to capture the bride graving the veil as it covered both of them. I really love this photo! Their genuine smiles says it all. It is what I strive to deliver each and every time I photograph a wedding!

Bridal Party Poses with Antique Car Bride and bridesmaids pose with Antique Car

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