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We are Sarah & Ginger and we are the gals behind the lenses at Creative Event Studio.  We started CES 5 years ago to escape the 9-5 jobs that we were good at but didn’t love.  We love weddings, photography, meeting new people, and making friends with our clients.  We talk a lot.  We met in the third grade and pretty much haven’t stopped laughing since.  We drink coffee while we talk.  We live on the same street so it’s easy for us to meet up for early morning coffee dates.  Sometimes we dress the same on accident.  (See our facebook page for proof.)  We often talk in what Sarah’s mother in law describes as ‘cooperative communication’, where we finish each others sentences without actually speaking.  Luckily it is a language that works for us and keeps our clients entertained.

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Creative Event Studio is photography company, but more than that it’s a shared dream. Our focus is people. Our medium is photography. Having been brides and also worked in the wedding industry, we understand how incredibly important every little detail of YOUR wedding is. We have fallen in love with our clients and are honored to tell their story, we’d love to tell yours too. Besides your husband, your wedding photography is the only thing that goes home with you after the wedding. Our clients like to laugh and book us because they feel like they are booking a friend. Our ideal client knows a photographer is more than a person with a camera and that good photography is an investment that lasts.

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