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Couple Portrait in Asia by Milan Teh

prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0017 Hi, my name is Milan, I'm a portrait & wedding photographer from Penang, Malaysia. I started Milan Teh Studio since 2010 cause I couldn't find fulfilment in my studies and work till I bump into experiencing photographing people and weddings which make me really excited. And the rest as they said is history. I enjoy helping people to relax and be themselves, creating a series of photos which serves like a visual diary for them.

I'd like to share one of my favourite engagement portrait session with Adelard & Linda which happened in Penang, Malaysia. Penang is a small state in Malaysia but packed with diverse cultural sightings, UNESCO Heritage areas and named as top 10 Asia's greatest street food cities by CNN Travel. I love this series because it shows the great potential of the place where I call home, also because, at our part of the world, a beautiful day comes by chance. I felt this is especially true for a wedding and countries situated near the equator.

For most people in Asia, we refer an engagement portrait session as 'Prewedding Photography'. Many couples have it done before the wedding day, it's because most of the traditions and wedding ceremonies would have consumed a large amount of time of the day already. There is little relaxed time left for meaningful photos if any. The humidity is definitely not helping either.

Some couples may want the photos with their wedding dress, evening gown or some, they like to have the photos with just casual attires being themselves. Prominent locations we went for this series were the Clan Jetties in the morning with Linda's evening gown, Pinang Peranakan Mansion (a Baba Nyonya museum) with Linda in her white wedding dress when the sun is hot and up overhead, and lastly a casual session at a public beach in Tanjong Tokong.

prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0016 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0020 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0018 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0024 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0028 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0031 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0030 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0036 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0037 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0038 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0042 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0039 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0041 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0046 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0044 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0047 prewedding_in_penang_malaysia_0050I hope you enjoy viewing this series and thanks for reading this post!

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