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I am Clare Parsons and I have been honored to be photographing people for the last 10 years. I started doing weddings, events, and portraits, officially as Clare Parsons Photography, about 6 years ago, here in Bozeman, Montana. My family and I moved around a lot, when I was a child, and I think that this nomadic lifestyle lead me to search out moments of permanence. I think I've really been making photographs all of my life, capturing moments in my mind to keep with me forever....I just didn't have a camera in my hand, until a decade ago. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living and being a apart of your special days: to make your moments memories.

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Every photo session is special and unique in it's own way. One of my favorites was just recently. It was a beautiful summer day, or rather it was, when it felt like it. We were out at this beautiful mountain resort, The Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon. The weather was so on and off! We had to keep running outside every time the sun popped out. In between these sunny moments, sudden torrential downpours would rain down on all of us. It didn't matter.

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At one point I slid down a muddy slope, trying to get the right angle on the bride. I was covered in mud, making jokes about how, "I remembered being clean at some point... " and everyone was laughing so hard that my cheeks actually hurt from smiling and laughing so much. The bride and groom didn't care. None of the guests let the bad weather dampen their moods (pun intended). The only important thing was that they were together. They were in love and they had all the people that mattered to them celebrating their love there with them.

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The trees that surrounded the log cabin provided a mossy rooftop for us as we got away from the reception long enough to get some photos with the bride and groom. With all that happened with the weather, I was so impressed that the bride, groom, and guests never let it affect them. Their genuine smiles shone through and nothing could wash away the romance and beauty of their day. The light came out just in time for the dancing and reception and the cloud cover made for a beautiful filter of natural light. I never even had to use a flash. It was a perfectly imperfect day.


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