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Cinematic Wedding Photography

My name is Wesley and I'm a wedding photographer and cinematographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

I think that doing both photography and video for weddings gives you a slightly different perspective on things. For example, when you're filming a video, you aren't posing the couple or trying to create a static frame for a photo - you're looking for genuine reactions, moments in-between frames where the couple isn't distracted by the camera and they can just be themselves. This is what I try to bring to the wedding photography I do - capturing two people just being themselves... away from all the people and the music, not focused on looking good for a camera, simply being who they are with each other.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last few weddings I've done. Most of these are from outdoor weddings - I love to shoot almost entirely in natural light and avoid using a flash unless it's absolutely necessary. I also shoot both digital and on film, depending on the situation and the client.

Wedding Photo - Wesley Garnett PhotographyAddieBlakeWedding-02756DSC09200-2AddieBlakeWedding-02610000061800026Wedding-04426NOV22_W-53000061810037DSC08228DSC08150 - CopyDSC08175DSC08146Wesley Garnett Photography



That's it! You can see more of the work I've done on my website. I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me here.

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