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Choosing the Best Maternity Photographer for Your Baby Bump | NicCole Photography

Congratulations, you are expecting!!!! What a beautiful time in a parent's life and one that deserves to be documented, that's why choosing the best maternity photographer for your maternity session is so important. I would like to share a few tips for you to think about before you book that baby bump session.

I have shot expecting mothers in Charlotte NC for seven years and I don't schedule every mother that wants me to shoot for her. WHAT, Yep you read that correctly! Not every expecting mom want's the type of images I create. My portraits are more emotive, more about a mother's interaction with her unborn child....not with me or my camera. This means that I have few images of parents looking at my camera cheesing. I do get that one " OK, look at me and smile"image and then we move on to the images that I create. That being said you want the right fit in a photographer to insure success for documenting your baby's life.

My portraits tend to be a bit more artful in nature, and designed to show off the body of a beautiful expecting mother. Example: the image of this expecting mom lying on our studio bed. Her body is posed, she is wearing an Anthropology wrap from the studio wardrobe and is not interacting with me. I ask her to think about who her baby will look like.

Best maternity photographer- expecting mother laying on bed

Tip #1 What exactly are you looking for in your images?

Look through several photographer's portfolios. Are her images very upbeat and perky? Is that what your looking for? Are her/his images more emotional? Is that what you prefer? Reach out to that maternity photographer and chat with them. Talk with her about the images on her website that move you the most.

Best maternity photographer in Charlotte NC

Tip #2 Does the photographer specialize in maternity portraits?

You really want to know does this photographer shoot all types of photography. Do they shoot maternity, newborn, wedding, teens, corporate events, head shots, kids, animals, family reunions? Why does that matter? POSING and making a pregnant mother's body look amazing is a huge reason to seek a photographer who shoots only maternity sessions. Expecting mothers are the corner stone of NicCole Photography's portrait business.

Expecting mother with chalk wings behind her

Tip #3 Does the photography studio offer a wardrobe?

This is important for several reasons. 1-It's not an added expense for you if they do have a selection of maternity gowns. 2- It insures that you will get portraits that are similar to what you see on their website. NicCole Photography offers a selection of maternity gowns and clothing options to make things easy for an expecting mom but also to make sure the NicCole "look" is cohesive through out your gallery of images.

If you would like to read more helpful tips on asking the right questions before you book,  specifically how to print from those digital files..... head on over to my website at NicCole Photography where I will explain the difference between high resolution files and digital files. Bonus I have a coupon code for printing your baby shower announcements here with Basic Invite.

XxOo,  Brandy NicCole

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