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Hey, Guys! I'm Catherine Kunkel, the girl behind the lens at Catherine K. Photography. I create (mostly) natural light photos for clients in Louisville, Kentucky as well as the Northern Kentucky area and Cincinnati, Ohio. My sessions range from engagements and weddings, to seniors and families.

While I love them all, my favorite sessions to shoot have to be engagements. There's just something so awesome about being able to document two people in love, about to embark on a huge journey together.


I'm a self-taught photographer, and my story is similar to many other self-taught photogs; what was initially just a hobby quickly grew into something more as I continued to learn and enjoy the art of picture-making.

It began with me chasing my toddlers around the house with my entry level DSLR. I'd then post the photos to my personal facebook page, and slowly friends started asking if I could take some pictures of THEIR toddlers. Towards the end of 2012, I decided to create a business page on facebook (which I stared at for a month before I had enough courage to publish it), and things just went from there!


At first I thought I wanted to shoot very stylized sessions (think cute costumes and little props everywhere). But then I realized that the photos I truly enjoyed capturing were those in which the subjects looked relaxed and natural, in a much more organic atmosphere. I decided that I wanted to create photos with a classic look, that would still evoke the same feelings twenty years from now as they did when they were taken. These photos from Alice and Garrett's session are some of my favorites because I feel they do exactly that.


I've known Alice since we were both in middle school, so that made this session a pretty special one to capture. That evening was the first time I had met Garrett, but I saw immediately that he was a perfect fit for Alice. They were so comfortable together, and that really comes through the photos.

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Another thing I love about this session is Alice and Garrett's relaxed style. Alice's simple gold and silver accessories pair perfectly with the laid-backed feel of their photos. Combine that with the soft evening light and beautiful scenery, and you just can't go wrong!

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Even after almost four years, I still experience plenty of moments of self-doubt and LOTS of trial and error. This session for my childhood friend, however, will always be one that I love and feel perfectly captures what I want my photos to look like.

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I hope you like these photos of mine! If you'd like to see more, feel free to check out my work on Facebook and Instagram.

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